What would you be willing to do for our incarcerated brethren and their families?

Potentials and possibilities for participation in prison programs are numerous and varied. Jewish Prisoner Services International, a not-for-profit, social service agency needs your help with the following:

Religious Materials/Judaica – New or used Torahs, prayer books and other Jewish religious, educational, and secular materials are always needed. As an approved prison program, JPSI will send these items on your behalf to individual Jewish inmates and chapel libraries.

Visits – Individually or with others, you can visit imprisoned Jews in your area on a regular or occasional basis. JPSI will sponsor and instruct you in visitation programs.

Families – In person or anonymously, you can assist a Jewish inmate’s family while their loved one is incarcerated. JPSI will instruct and connect you with one of many such families.

Mentors – You can help to guide a Jewish man or woman through the difficult post-release period toward a successful transition into the community. JPSI will instruct you and connect you with a Jewish inmate prior to his or her release.

Ideas – No one in the corrections field has all the answers, and your idea might lead to a successful new program. JPSI is always looking for input from the community.

Contributions – Even if you are unable to do something in person, your tax-deductible contribution will help defray our many and ongoing operating costs.

Please select your favorite mitzvah or mitzvot from the above list and send us an email at: jewishprisonerservices@msn.com.