Know a prisoner who needs services?

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Updated Jewish practices information!

Chaplain Friedman has improved the Judaism section of the Handbook of Religious Beliefs and Practices for correctional settings.

Click here for a web-based version with download options.

Keeping the Faith

Meeting the religious needs of inmates from all faith groups without breaking the budget, the law or security can be a formidable challenge. This unique issue of American Jails focuses on religious programming, including best practices and the role that a professional chaplain plays in the proper management of a detention facility.

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Rewriting Leviticus

Click here to view Chaplain Friedman’s article from American Jails magazine that focuses on the kosher diet phenomenon that is sweeping U.S. correctional facilities.

Global highlights

To see more about what is happening with JPSI’s associates around the globe, click here or go to the “Global Highlights” section under the About tab.

JPSI refocuses on core mission

The global economic crisis is forcing all non-profit organizations to be more thrifty and JPSI is no exception. We have, therefore, slimmed back to an all-volunteer force that is primarily focusing on providing Jewish prisoners with the advocacy and materials that will allow them to fully practice their faith while incarcerated, helping them to successfully transition back into our community, and assisting their families (in conjunction with other Jewish social service agencies). For the time being, this requires us to suspend some of our ‘frills’ programs, but we intend to revive them when finances will hopefully allow us to do so. In the meantime, keep checking back for updates and please direct whatever support you can to our much needed mission.