What Others are Saying About Us

On September 2, 2011, Rabbi Beth Singer, in a JT News column entitled “Our community’s vital partnerships: The organizations we can’t live without”, wrote:

“One of our most unsung heroes is Gary Friedman of Jewish Prisoner Services International. When I first arrived in Seattle, I had the privilege of serving at Temple De Hirsch Sinai for two years before joining my husband, Rabbi Jonathan Singer, at Temple Beth Am. From my experience at both synagogues you would be shocked to know the number of times in a year that a synagogue must weigh safety and Jewish values as recently released convicted felons seek to find a synagogue community.

You might be even more surprised to know that yes, sometimes our own members do land in jail. Gary Friedman has been a constant source of support, a knowledgeable man who also balances the Jewish value of welcoming guests and strangers with keeping everyone in the community safe. I call him with increasing frequency. He visits Jewish prisoners and guides us when we are contacted by some pretty unsettling characters.”