Congregation Shaarei Teshuvah

Congregation Shaarei Teshuvah (Hebrew for “Gates of Return”) is a non-profit religious corporation based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. that is duly registered as a tax-exempt entity (see Washington State Charities Program #30368).

The primary focus of our congregation is to provide a religious home for errant Jews–particularly those who are incarcerated–and opportunities for them to reconnect with their Jewish roots.

Our congregation is open to all prisoners, detainees, rehab patients, probationers, parolees, etc., their family members and supporters who were born Jewish or properly converted by the standards of Judaism’s mainstream branches, from Traditional through to Reform.

There are no dues, but voluntary contributions are always welcome.

To join our congregation and/or support our mission, contact us via telephone, email or our website inquiry portal.

Rabbi Blaut

Rabbi Louis ‘Aryeh’ Blaut – Rabbi

Rabbi Blaut has first-hand experience with the challenges faced by prisoners and their families. Through serving a prison sentence, then probation and engaging in extensive therapy, this Jewish educator successfully navigated the road to redemption and reintegration into our community. Much of his time is now dedicated to teaching in-prison classes on Judaism, counseling prisoners and releasees, and helping their families get through the difficult dynamics of justice and corrections systems. In short, Rabbi Blaut is ideal to serve as Rabbi of our unique congregation.